Compensation is an investment in your business

Recruiting, engaging, rewarding, and retaining the right employees are key compensation program goals for most organizations. To help you achieve these goals, rely on Nevada Association of Employers’ team of compensation professionals for the right answers at a reasonable rate. NAE works with you in a way that best fits your specific needs and budget.

Seven Best Practices When Developing Pay Programs

  1. Define a total compensation strategy that is linked to your mission and goals
  2. Use multiple market surveys to pinpoint competitive pay levels for your jobs
  3. Age the market survey pay data to current or future dates that you identify
  4. Establish and maintain a current pay grade and range structures
  5. Identify equitable internal job level/grade relationships
  6. Perform assessments for your pay practices versus your competitive market
  7. Introduce administrative practices that are aligned with your pay strategy

Why Consider Professional Pay Program Support?

  • Align your pay practices with the organization’s mission and goals
  • To be sure you are not paying too little, too much, or inequitably
  • Recruit, engage, reward, and retain the right people
  • To be sure you are paying your employees competitive rates
  • To better equip your managers and supervisors to administer pay
  • To streamline your pay program and make it more effective
  • To link pay to employee and organization performance results
  • To improve employee and organization performance results.

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