Is your organization looking for timely, accurate, reliable compensation data delivered quickly through a modern user experience?

Nevada Association of Employers has partnered with Payscale to provide members with access to next generation compensation data to speed up survey participation and help attract and retain talent with timely & robust HR reported data.

Benefits of Payscale Peer

Fully transparent employer reported data

Transparent data you can rely on

  • Choose companies by name with zip code & global coverage
  • Compliant with anti-trust guidelines

Specific, relevant & fully customizable data

Fully customize your data with control over every data cut

  • Unlimited data cuts, industry filters & ability to view the data you want to see

Always current data to keep up with market trends & respond to changes

Keep pace with your peers & stop relying on age-old data

  • Captures new jobs, fast moving geos & emerging industries
  • Peer trend report to capture market movement

Quick & easy participation

Easy participation after initial year set up

  • Fluid & automated data uploads (via Excel, Payscale or compatible HRIS)
  • Improved experience across the platform & ensures timely data

Payscale Peer By The Numbers

7 million incumbents

2,500+ companies

4,200+ jobs

100+ industries

Ready to Get Started?

Register to Participate

Use the link to register to participate in Payscale Peer. By registering, you are not agreeing to purchase access to Payscale Peer and registering will not generate an invoice.

Registration for Payscale Peer is open to NAE members only.

The information provided during registration will be used to set up the main Payscale Peer user for your organization. This user will have full access to the Payscale Peer platform for their organization. Additional users with lesser access can be added later.

Complete Our Data Collection Form

Once you register to participate, a member of our team will be in contact to provide the Organizational Data Workbook. This workbook collects information on your organizational salary structures, jobs, and employees for upload to the Payscale Peer platform.

Submit Data to NAE

Once you have fully completed the Organizational Data Workbook, submit your data to NAE. Data can be submitted via email or secure upload. Our team will review your data to ensure accuracy.

Participation is required in order to access the Payscale Peer platform.

Purchase Access to Payscale Peer

Each participating NAE member can purchase access to the Payscale Peer platform for one year (a $6,500 value). Ongoing access to Payscale Peer requires at least annual participation and payment of the annual access fee.

Company SizePrice for Annual Access
Up to 50 employees$299
51 – 150 employees$349
Over 150 employees$399

Note: Payscale Peer access through NAE is only available to to new Payscale Peer customers.

Questions about Payscale Peer? Contact NAE at