Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee Opinion Surveys are an important tool in assessing your workforce. Studies show that when employees have the ability to share their opinions, morale and productivity increase, turnover decreases, and the business does better overall. The Nevada Association of Employers has several decades of experience conducting employee opinion surveys for Nevada businesses. You can rely on our survey specialists to provide you with an accurate assessment of your business.


When Should You Consider an Employee Opinion Survey (EOS)?

  • When employee turnover is high and/or morale is low
  • When you want to assess areas of strength and/or weakness
  • When you want to improve your operations or service quality


What You Can Expect from an Employee Opinion Survey (EOS)?

  • A comprehensive view of your workforce and its engagement and/or satisfaction
  • A comparison to national benchmarks to assess where you stand
  • Highlight opportunities to improve service, quality, and productivity
  • Recommendations for corrective or preventative actions


Employee Opinion Surveys are facilitated by NAE’s survey specialists at your premises at a date and time that is most convenient for you. Because the employee opinion survey is conducted by an objective third party, your employees can be assured confidentiality in their responses. NAE’s survey specialists compile the results and provide your company with a report and recommendations for corrective actions, if any.


To learn more about Employee Opinion Surveys, please contact NAE at (775) 329-4241 or info@nevadaemployers.org.