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Since 1938, the Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) has provided companies with invaluable tools, information, and employee training. An array of businesses throughout Nevada experience the benefits that come with NAE membership. The association measures its success based on the accomplishments of all of its business counterparts. By working on their behalf, NAE has helped companies achieve their goals.
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HR 101 FOR BUSINESS (LAS VEGAS)11/19/20199:00am

Learn the basics of human resources — from culture to compliance.

Knowing the basics of HR is important to ensuring the business runs efficiently and in compliance with the law. During this training you will find out the answers to questions […]

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WAGE & HOUR UPDATE 202012/03/20198:30am

The 2019 Nevada Legislative Session resulted in some new obligations for Nevada employers -- paid time off, increase to minimum wage, employee misclassification, etc. This resulted in many questions about how these new laws were going to apply.


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Do you know everything you get with NAE membership? Most people know about our HR Hotline, but NAE offers many other products and services that are valuable to Nevada businesses. Are you utilizing all the resources that NAE makes available? Find out […]

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