Want to get an idea of where your business stands with your employees? Are you curious where you might be able to improve? We have a service that will answer both of those questions and more.

As a benefit of membership, the Nevada Association of Employers offers a Quick Pulse Survey to its members on an annual basis. NAE’s Quick Pulse Survey is a brief 5 question survey designed to measure employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall attitude about the company. The survey is 100% anonymous so your employees can provide honest feedback to you without worry.

How It Works

NAE will conduct a survey of your employees through an electronic service provider. Your employee’s will have seven (7) calendar days to respond to the brief survey. Your employee’s responses are 100% anonymous. NAE does not collect identifying information about respondents; therefore, no one at NAE or your company will be able to identify the respondents or their answers. NAE will compile all survey responses and provide you with a report of the results.

Benefits of the Quick Pulse Survey

  • Provides a quick and free survey of your workforce
  • Helps in identifying problem areas or areas of improvement
  • Increases organizational awareness
  • Improves employee morale and relations with management

Contact us at 888.398.8092 or surveys@nevadaemployers.org to learn more about this excellent benefit of NAE membership.