The NAE staff is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.  I highly recommend NAE membership to any employer in Nevada. My education and training is in finance but I also serve as director of our HR function. I don’t have professional training in HR, so I often have questions and need professional advice.  NAE has been a great resource and has been there for me on multiple occasions when sticky situations have arisen.

NAE has also helped by providing great training for supervisors and leaders in our organization.  We now make it a practice to enroll new supervisors in the Supervisory Skills: The Fundamentals course and follow it up with Supervisory Skills:  Advanced Skills.  These courses have been invaluable to the participants and give me some peace of mind in knowing that our council’s leaders have the knowledge they need to be able to follow current HR laws and keep us away from legal problems.  I have attended these courses myself and have found them immensely helpful.

Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada has been a member of NAE for several years. We are a small nonprofit organization with 25 full time staff and varying part time staff so many of us wear multiple hats, myself included.

Chris Coffing, Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada
Reno, NV