Employee Handbook Review

An employee handbook is one of the best ways to ensure uniform and fair treatment of employees. It outlines your company’s policies, expectations for staff, and ensures your company complies with state and federal law. It is important to keep your handbook up-to-date and apply it consistently. NAE can help you with that.

As a benefit of membership, NAE’s HR professionals will review your employee handbook and suggest revisions as needed to ensure your handbook is compliant with federal and state law.  NAE recommends all employers, but particularly its members, take advantage of an employee handbook review on at least an annual basis to ensure they remain in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, members get access NAE’s Model Employee Handbook, which is up-to-date with the latest state and federal rules. NAE’s Model Employee Handbook is available for download from our Member Portal.

To learn more about this valuable benefit of membership, please contact NAE at (775) 329-4241 or membership@nevadaemployers.org.