Employee Training and Human Resources Consulting: Carson City Business Support

Nevada Association of Employers offers Nevada companies a variety of important business resources. These include:

  • Unemployment insurance administration. Carson City businesses may underestimate the expenses that unemployment claims carry until tax season arrives. At that point, they can face thousands of dollars in additional fees from credit increases on their account. With NAE’s human resources consulting, Carson City employers receive support throughout the claims process. Professionals skilled in U.I. administration will represent the company against contested claims, in person at appeals hearings, and before the Board of Review. In addition, NAE will provide quarterly reports, analyzing claims to prepare a company before expenses are due.
  • Employee opinion surveys. EOS services are another part of NAE’s human resources consulting. Carson City companies may have concerns about the strategic direction and operation of their company. These can be answered by getting information about employee attitudes and perceptions. NAE will conduct surveys and compile reports that highlight opportunities to improve the business. This survey service is available at a reduced rate to all member companies.
  • Supervisor training. Carson City businesses face a dilemma: many want to develop their staff and make the most of their employees’ work but do not have the resources to provide a proper training program. NAE can help. The association offers courses that give businesses the manager training they need. Carson City employees who demonstrate leadership qualities can learn important business skills including hiring and firing employees, communication and team-building, and conflict resolution. Courses are available at nearby locations or, through coordination with NAE, at the business’ office.

One of the greatest values through NAE membership is is the support and partnership to provide businesses with vital information. This is most evident with the HR Hotline. Anytime during NAE’s hours of operation, members can contact the association with questions about staff issues. This includes anything from the appropriate way to discipline an employee to clarification about state and federal hiring regulations.

NAE staff members are experts in human resource issues and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and legislative changes. They can advise your business year-round on its most pressing issues. Whether the company in question has a one-person human resources staff or an office of professionals, the HR Hotline is a great way for companies to double check their approach to workplace functions.

If you are interested in one particular service—or all of the above—consider membership with NAE. By joining the association, your company has an opportunity to receive reduced rates for all of the training and human resources consulting options available to Carson City employers. In addition, your business is granted access to great resources on a full-time basis.

Find about NAE’s human resources consulting and employee / supervisor training. Carson City businesses can reach the association at (775) 329-4241.