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One of the characteristics of successful companies is that they offer their staff appropriate opportunities for employee training. Carson City businesses rely on their entry-level employees to grow in skill and leadership ability over time. As they progress in their careers, they can perform their work with greater sophistication and, ultimately, move into management or supervisory positions.

Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) offers companies important resources that support employee training. Carson City businesses can utilize proven courses on key topics to elevate their staff to new levels of productivity. In addition, NAE stays up-to-date on the latest trends and legislative concerns that can affect the workplace and includes these issues as part of its training. This covers programs designed to educate attendees on state and federal employment laws such as Title VII, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, NRS 608, and NRS 613.

NAE’s “Supervisory Skills 101” classes cover topics likeā€¦

Discipline and discharge: While no business looks forward to these tasks, they are essential parts of a supervisor’s role. In NAE’s employee training, Carson City staff will learn appropriate techniques for changing employee behavior, preventing unwanted behavior and separating a worker from the company. Each issue is taught from the perspective of best-practices and legal requirements.

Performance management: This class offers value both to attendees who are human resources professionals and managers who want the best work from their subordinates. With performance management, attendees learn how to motivate and measure the effectiveness of a staff using tools, such as performance awards, and tactics to guide individual workers.

Workplace harassment: Through harassment training, Carson City staff members become familiar with techniques for creating a safe, supportive working environment and the laws that regulate labor relations. Attendees will discuss everyday activities that may constitute harassment, methods for preventing violations and ways to address these issues with individual offenders.

Hiring process: Attracting and choosing a candidate for a position is an integral part of maintaining a productive workforce and, ultimately, a successful business. Companies invest a lot of time in hiring, from preparing a job description to reviewing resumes and candidates. Along the way, it is important that they are following state and federal regulations that surround the hiring process. With this course, companies can help ensure that they are choosing candidates effectively.

Through NAE’s employee training, Carson City businesses can improve the capabilities of their staff in a cost-effective way. Plus, employees of companies that are members of NAE receive admission to courses at a reduced rate. These savings are only one of the great reasons to join the association, however. In addition to training classes, members get access to NAE’s human resources hotline, updates and information about issues that affect employers, and ongoing access to a professional staff that is focused solely on HR and employment concerns. More details about NAE’s work are available online.

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