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Unlawful workplace harassment is a type of discrimination against an individual based on traits outlined in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal and state regulations. These traits include someone’s race, color, religion, sex, country of origin, age, disability or sexual orientation. Through harassment training, Carson City businesses can learn to recognize when this activity is taking place and how to address it appropriately.

Harassment may be verbal or physical in nature. For example:

  • Harassment may have occurred when comments or behavior—based on the legally-protected characteristics mentioned above—affect an employee’s work. The offender can be anyone in the workplace, and the victim can be any individual who is impacted by the behavior (not just the person who is the subject of the offense.)
  • It may also be considered harassment when a supervisor changes an employee’s status or benefits based on the characteristics above. This can be either an active change, like hiring or firing, or an omission, like failing to promote a qualified candidate.

The ambiguity, complexity and importance of these issues are the reasons that Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) offers harassment training. Carson City companies may not recognize when this behavior has become a concern until it is too late and they are already exposed to litigation. The courses offered by NAE teach staff about general rules surrounding workplace harassment. Also, it provides ways for companies to train their employees about harassment, methods for preventing this behavior and steps for disciplining or firing employees who break these rules.

Harassment training Carson City businesses receive is immediately valuable. The skills and information shared in these sessions gives attendees an overview on the current state and federal regulations that govern workplace behavior. Part of the value with participating in classes is that companies get access to NAE team members, who are experts in human resources management and supervisor training. Carson City employees can take part in classes at off-site locations, or businesses can arrange to have NAE provide training at their own facilities. By choosing the latter, companies can offer their workers courses that fit their schedules and that save money on travel time and productivity.

NAE is the only employers association and the only provider of unemployment insurance administrator in Nevada. It gives member businesses discounts for courses, and it provides a variety of resources that improve the skills of employee. Businesses can also use NAE’s human resource consulting services to gain intelligence on business operations. Contact NAE’s staff with questions about the benefits of membership.

Find out more about opportunities for harassment training. Carson City companies can reach NAE at (775) 329-4241.

Note that the information above does not constitute legal advice. It is a set of scenarios that might be considered harassment and on which NAE offers training. Companies with specific legal questions are encouraged to contact an attorney.