Human Resources Services and Employee Training: Reno-based Nevada Association of Employers

Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) is the state’s leading provider of supervisor and manager training, Reno-based harassment training, and Reno employee training. Companies that join the ranks of its membership get unfettered access to a variety of resources that help improve business operations and optimize staff performance. Also, NAE’s publications and legislative updates help keep companies compliant with workplace regulations.

No Matter the Industry. No Matter the Size.

Reno businesses that become members of NAE differ in many ways. They come from a wide assortment of industries, including manufacturing, business services and energy. In addition, the organization supports companies regardless of their size. This is because the resources that NAE offers are valuable for a variety of companies.

Consider the small businesses that NAE services. These companies face challenges that are distinct from companies with more resources and more employees. In addition, they must often provide many of the benefits and opportunities that large businesses offer.

One of the ways in which NAE supports small businesses is through our HR Hotline, a service that is free to member companies. NAE staffs the hotline with experts in human resource issues, such as FMLA, ADA and harassment training. Reno companies can call and discuss their concerns at any time during business hours. This allows corporate HR managers to save time, stay compliant, and better service their employees.

Large companies often need these same resources, but they also have other factors to consider. In companies that have grown rapidly or that continue to add staff, it can be difficult to provide employees with proper skill-building opportunities. Also, it can be challenging to maintain a corporate culture of respect and responsibility. Developing an internal program that addresses these issues is a time-consuming, costly project that requires experience in staff development and the regulatory issues of the workplace.

With employee training, large Reno companies can help staff members grow in increasing responsibility. NAE’s Reno-based manager training / supervisor training teaches skills such as:

  • Hiring and firing staff.
  • Managing the work of subordinates.
  • Understanding employment law.

An additional area of focus is harassment training. Reno businesses can provide their staff with essential information on what is and is not permitted in the workplace. Supervisors will learn to prevent unwanted behavior, discipline employees appropriately for violations, and separate staff from a company without exposing their business to litigation.

NAE gives companies two options for employee training. Reno and Carson City businesses can send their staff to nearby courses taught by NAE’s professionals, where they can get the skill-building they need over 5 two-hour classes. Additionally, companies can have NAE provide training at their own location. This option lets employers schedule the course around their needs and tailor content to their businesses. Whichever option businesses choose, they can enjoy NAE events at reduced rates thanks to the benefits of membership.

For Reno employee training, Reno harassment training, and Reno supervisor training, contact the association online or by telephone at (775) 329-4241.