The Value of Manager Training: Carson City Employers Benefit from Skill-Building Courses

Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) has helped businesses in the state achieve success throughout its more-than-seventy-year history. The association provides training and human resources consulting services, such as unemployment insurance administration. Carson City businesses that join NAE can take advantage of reports, surveys, legislative updates and reduced rates for professional services.

One of the most valuable offerings from NAE is the opportunity for employee skill-building, such as its course in manager training. Carson City employers whose staff members attend these programs can reap several benefits. Courses help businesses…

Stay in Compliance

An untrained manager represents a significant liability to a company. For example, he or she may be tasked with hiring staff members. Or, the new manager may be responsible for overseeing the work of employees and the firing of underperforming staff. Each of these responsibilities may require following state and federal regulations, such as anti-discrimination laws. Managers who do not know the appropriate procedures may expose their companies to lawsuits.

Retain Employees

Without manager training, Carson City businesses do not give promising employees the best opportunity to succeed when they graduate into positions with more responsibility.

  • Managers who do not motivate employees may lead to those employees quitting the company.
  • Supervisors who do not perform well in important areas, such as organization and communication, may be reprimanded or fired from the business.
  • Managers who are not properly trained in supervisor skills may become frustrated with their daily responsibilities and lack of success. As a result, they may leave a job on their own.

Optimizing Staff Performance

The most important reason to have employees participate in manager training in Carson City is to improve their work and to get the best effort from the staff that reports to them. An employee who attends training will have a chance to build skills in leadership and organization. As a result, that manager may be able to guide his or her team more effectively and produce better results for the company.

Opportunities for Development

Employees can attend NAE’s “Supervisor Skills 101” and learn essential management practices. This covers discipline and discharge, an overview of employment law, wage and hour at the state and federal level, performance management, and the hiring process. Staff members who complete this course successfully can learn higher-level skills in communication and leadership in NAE’s “Supervisor Skills 102”, which is also offered at a reduced rate for member businesses.

Current managers and business owners may be interested in NAE’s other events. The association offers legal roundtables with state leaders, which gives employers an opportunity to discuss issues that affect them. Also, it provides sessions on controlling worker’s comps costs, classwork in safety training and OSHA, and workshops on the Fair Labor Standards Act. More information about upcoming events is available online from NAE.

Learn more about manager training. Carson City employers can contact Nevada Association of Employers through email or by telephone at (775) 329-4241.