A Complete Program for Manager Training: Reno Employers and NAE

Whatever the size of your business, it can be difficult to provide employees with manager training. Reno companies may be more focused on the work at hand: fulfilling orders, improving services and generating the revenue they need to continue to grow. However, when employees do not build these skills, a business may face long-term challenges. There are a few reasons that can lead to this circumstance:

  • A business may expect that entry-level staff members will become more adept over time at the abilities required for a supervisor position. However, employees who are given additional responsibility, such as overseeing other staff, may be unprepared to handle these tasks. Typically, they will rely on the tactics that they have learned in the course of their job, which may not be the best approach to leading and motivating others. As a result, businesses can lose prospective supervisors who become burnt out in the process or who are asked to handle tasks for which they have never been properly prepared with manager training.
  • Reno businesses might rely on existing management to mentor the staff members who report to them. Yet in businesses that have limited resources and a fast pace of doing work, these supervisors may be unable to spend the time and energy required for manager training. Or, Reno companies that have grown from a start-up to a mid-sized business may never have taken the opportunity to implement an employee development program that creates a valuable mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Some companies expect to provide leadership through hiring outside skilled professionals. This can give them the support they need in upper management positions, but the strategy has its disadvantages as well. The hiring process is expensive and creates a risk that the new hire will not be a fit with company culture. In addition, getting an outside hire manager up-to-speed on the way a business works can take time. For this reason, a company may have more success if it is able to provide a current employee with manager training.

Reno-based Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) supports businesses like yours with the resources that it needs. Its goal is to give your most promising management candidates the skills that they require to handle issues they may face as supervisors.

Staff members who participate in training will learn how to deal with employees in the workplace from a leadership perspective. They will become adept at motivating and organizing the activities of their subordinates. Also, NAE will familiarize your future supervisors with the most important laws that guide employer / employee relationships. Depending on the manager training Reno companies select, staff may learn tactics for disciplinary action, how to recognize and handle harassment, and ways to conduct a performance review for a subordinate.

NAE also supports businesses with employee opinion surveys and unemployment insurance administration. Reno employers can find out about these and other services on the NAE website.

Learn more about manager training. Reno businesses are encouraged to contact NAE at (775) 329-4241