Founded in 1938, Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) has provided companies with HR expertise and employee development services for decades. Thanks to NAE’s professional staff and human resource consultants, Carson City businesses have access to training opportunities and a professional staff that can answer their employee-related questions.

NAE’s Guidance

One of the best reasons to partner with NAE is its HR hotline. With a single call to our human resource consultants, Carson City companies can connected with experts in employment issues. Our staff has years of training in federal and Nevada regulations, and our full-time focus on these concerns allows member businesses to get the answers they need when they need them.

In many cases, businesses that are new to NAE membership are surprised at just how much they rely on the HR hotline. Before joining, some companies may have made employee-related decisions based on less-than-complete information. They relied on an HR staff that was already tasked with many responsibilities. As a result, concerns that should have been researched thoroughly were sometimes overlooked, leaving the business at risk for legal action.

When a Carson City company decides on membership with NAE, our human resource consultants are immediately at their disposal. This gives companies a partner that can provide advice on pressing questions:

  • When an employee is engaging in inappropriate workplace behavior, NAE can offer steps for the business to take that will protect its legal rights as well as those of the worker.
  • If an employee has wage and hour questions, the human resource department can call NAE to ensure that it is classifying employees correctly and compensating them appropriately.
  • Employers may be unsure whether their recruitment and training programs are in line with best practices. NAE’s human resource consultants can provide them with sample personnel policies and job descriptions for candidates.

Investing in Best Practices

Membership with NAE includes ongoing access to a team of experts who will give the company confidence in their employee-related decisions. The business may save money as a result of the decision as well:

  • Companies can maintain an affordably-sized staff of HR professionals and turn to NAE for issues that go beyond day-to-day concerns.
  • Members can avoid costly legal action. They can contact NAE to find out whether their actions are permitted by law (instead of hoping that no legal suits will follow a questionable choice.).
  • Businesses can make decisions more quickly rather than spending time researching issues that NAE can resolve.

In short: membership with NAE allows companies to manage employer concerns more effectively. It also provides opportunity for professional training and business networking, and it gives them access to boards of labor and commerce.

We encourage your company to connect with Nevada Association of Employers and our human resource consultants. Reno, Elko, and Carson City businesses are also invited to learn more about our work.

Contact NAE at (775) 329-4241 or via email.