The Nevada Benefits & Personnel Practices Survey collects information regarding the benefits and personnel practices of employers throughout the state of Nevada. NAE believes it provides the most comprehensive, reliable, and current information available.

The Nevada Benefits & Personnel Practices Survey is conducted every two (2) years and covers 26 benefits and personnel practice categories, including work schedules, drug & alcohol testing, holidays, paid time off (PTO), health & welfare insurance, flexible benefits, severance, and more.

All data submitted by survey participants is treated as strictly confidential. All data will be compiled and reported in a composite manner whereby the information reported cannot be connected to any specific business or employer.

For questions regarding the Nevada Benefits & Personnel Practices Survey, please contact us at (775) 329-4241 or

NAE is currently collecting data for it’s 2019-2020 Benefits & Personnel Practices Survey.

All Nevada businesses are encouraged to participate. Businesses do not need to be a member of NAE to participate – but we encourage all Nevada businesses to join NAE to take advantage of all of the great benefits of membership, including receiving a free copy of the survey results as a participating member (up to a $400 savings). Participating is easy. Simply click the link below to be directed to the survey questionnaire. Instructions for completing the survey are on the landing page.

All survey data must be submitted no later than Friday, November 1, 2019.

Survey results will be made available in December 2019. Participating members receive a copy of the results for FREE. All others may purchase a copy of the results. Cost will depend on membership and participation.