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For over 70 years, Nevada Association of Employers has been supporting the commercial interests of our state. Businesses throughout the region have benefitted from the resources and guidance of NAE, whether they have sought human resources consulting, advice on unemployment insurance, or skills development.

Through supervisor training, Carson City companies can develop the next generation of leaders for their business. Several factors contribute to this need, including the aging population of management staff, the growth of a company, and the desire to retain talented entry-level workers through internal promotion. Training courses by NAE help staff graduate into a new level of responsibility, whether it is overseeing a handful of employees or an entire division.

For convenience, NAE provides businesses with a variety of options for supervisor and manager training Carson City companies can choose.

Public Supervisor Training

Carson City employees can attend this session at a nearby, off-site location. One of the best options for staff development is NAE’s “Supervisory Skills 101” course in which attendees learn the basics of worker management. Some of the topics that the course covers include hiring staff, disciplining subordinates, discharging employees and managing the performance of workers. Attendees will also gain an understanding of employment law, workplace harassment and unemployment insurance.

The course takes place over five 2-hour classes and provides time during each session for question-and-answer with experts from NAE’s team. Professionals with backgrounds in management, unemployment insurance, law and other areas of concern will guide new managers in the development of the skills they require. NAE also offers a follow-up course, “Supervisory Skills 102”, which covers vital “soft” skills such as communication, conflict resolution, team building and leadership.

On-site Supervisor Training

Carson City businesses can also arrange with NAE to host training at their own location. The association provides many of the same skill-building classes described above and can tailor elements of the course to suit the needs of employees.

Companies that prefer to hold training at their own location benefit from some important advantages.

  • NAE will work with the employer to schedule classes around important work activities.
  • Employees will not have to travel to attend the sessions.
  • The scenarios discussed in the class can be directed to the issues that company managers face daily.

As a result of these factors, employees may get more out of the training sessions, and work productivity will not suffer as a result of taking the time to participate.

Other Training Options

Companies can join NAE to receive ongoing resources that help improve the work of employees. These include NAE’s human resources hotline, which lets employers ask questions about workplace issues, and NAE’s legislative updates about changes to important labor regulations. Members also benefit from access to national employment studies and from reduced rates on employee opinion surveys. Each of these resources can contribute to the overall productivity of a business.

To discuss options for supervisor training, Carson City companies should contact Nevada Association of Employers at (775) 329-4241