Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) has been supporting companies throughout the state for over seventy years. They join our membership to take advantage of our many benefits:

  • NAE’s relationships with business and governmental agencies.
  • The services we provide to human resource departments.
  • The experience and expertise we offer in a myriad of employer concerns.

In past decades, we have also developed an excellent program for supervisor training. Las Vegas companies that are members of NAE can register their employees for our classes at a significantly reduced rate. Through these events, employees gain essential knowledge about managing staff in a modern business setting.

New Topics in Supervisor Training

Las Vegas employers want their managers to be familiar with a broad range of workplace issues. NAE’s training program reflects the skills they require.

Two of the areas that our current classes cover are legal issues in management and leadership and culture change. Learn about these topics below.

Legal Issues in Management

Every day, supervisors interact with their subordinates. They provide guidance, resolve disputes, and make decisions about hiring, firing, and compensation. However, these actions do not take place in a vacuum. Businesses are subject to many state and federal laws regarding workplace behavior, wage and hour, and the protection of worker rights.

By training a supervisor in these laws, Las Vegas companies can protect themselves from legal liability. Attending NAE events allows supervisors to learn from experts in employment law. It also provides supervisors with an opportunity to discuss their questions, learn from real-life case studies, and stay up-to-date on changes in the law.

NAE supervisor training classes cover a range of topics, such as workplace harassment, discrimination, wage and hour, and regulatory compliance. Our programs are a great fit for both new managers and experienced supervisors.

Leadership and Culture Change

Successful businesses know their identity and express it through their work. However, maintaining an identity can be difficult. Shifts may take place when a business grows in size, when leadership does not clarify its goals, or when and industry changes around the business.

With NAE’s programs in culture change, managers can refocus their business and their employees. Our supervisor training events in Las Vegas discuss what corporate culture is and why it matters. We delve into the forces that form a culture and how to assess a company from this standpoint. We also look at the qualities that shape successful businesses, even when they have very different identities and industries.

Training, Resources, and Support for Nevada Businesses

NAE’s training is efficient, affordable, and immediately applicable to the workplace. We have built a program that reflects today’s business environment while building on the association’s experience over decades of service.

Get in touch today to learn more about our Las Vegas supervisor training. Elko, Las Vegas, and Reno businesses are also encouraged to find out about classes in their area.

Contact NAE at (775) 329-4241 or via email.