There are a lot of clear benefits to supervisor training. Elko companies can use the opportunity to advance the skills of their workers. In turn, this leads to more effective management and more productive employees.

Through the Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) and its programs in supervisor training, Elko businesses can realize significant financial savings in addition to the increases in productivity.

Retaining Qualified Staff

Business leaders may be surprised to know that many Nevada companies are having trouble finding skilled workers. Despite a tough economy, management-level staff are in increased demand throughout our state.

Through supervisor training, an Elko business can develop the personnel it has already employed. This can be a less timely and expensive option than promoting an open position; recruiting a new staff member; acclimating him or her to the business; and waiting for that person to get up to speed. Training through NAE helps existing workers with management potential become effective leaders within the business.

Avoiding Litigation

Managers in today’s workplace must understand regulatory and statutory compliance. They should be familiar with wage and hour laws, leave laws, office safety regulations, and laws regarding employee behavior in the workplace.

Without supervisor training, few Elko managers can learn everything that they need to know to do their jobs. Managers need time to review the law, ask questions and voice concerns, and understand how to apply these lessons to their work. Supervisors who do not get this sort of training may make decisions that expose the company to litigation.

NAE’s events cover the areas of the law that supervisors should know. Our classes are led by experts in the fields of human resources and employee management, and they share real-world case studies that are immediately applicable to the work supervisors do.

Capturing Long-term Benefits

In NAE’s training sessions, we give supervisors the tools to take charge of their work in a confident and professional way. They discover their skills as managers, become better at motivating employees, learn how to communicate concerns, and become capable of handling problems as they arise.

It is important to give employees this foundation for success. The supervisors of today are the future leaders of the business. Investing time in these staff members now helps them to perform well throughout their careers. It also provides long-term returns to their company.

Cultivating Effective Managers

Develop the potential of your Elko business and its talented employees. NAE offers regularly-scheduled classes in Elko and in the surrounding area, and NAE members can take advantage of significantly-reduced pricing for these events.

We invite you to contact our offices to learn more about supervisor training and our work as human resource consultants. Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City businesses are also encouraged to explore our services.

Contact NAE by telephone at (775) 329-4241 or email us for details about membership.