Companies that join Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) receive many benefits. Through our HR hotline, they have on-demand access to expert human resource consultants. Reno businesses get discounted rates on management and supervisor training, and they can receive pay and benefit surveys to determine how competitive their offerings are.

Each of these advantages alone makes an investment in NAE membership worthwhile. However, it is important not to overlook two other benefits we provide: advocacy on legislative issues and the combined intelligence of our member businesses. Read on to learn more about how these resources can support your company.

Governmental Relations

Through the work of our human resource consultants, Reno businesses have access to state and federal enforcement agencies. NAE maintains excellent relationships with both the Nevada Labor Commission and the Federal Department of Labor. This provides value in a few ways:

  • A close relationship with these groups allows NAE to present the business community’s concerns. Our staff can speak directly with the people who influence important legislation.
  • Often, Reno businesses will call the human resources hotline to speak with consultants about ambiguous areas of the law. Certain business policies require clarification from those who enforce these regulations. NAE can speak with these agencies and get the answer that members need.
  • In certain cases, an agency may interpret the law differently from the previous administration. Changes in interpretation or enforcement can take businesses by surprise, especially if they do not have the cash flow to cover new expenses. Thanks to NAE’s close relationship with these groups, we often learn of changes before they go into effect, and we can provide early notification to our members.

A Powerful Network

Governmental bodies are one source of the information we offer businesses. Another source is the collective intelligence of our membership.

Consultants who staff the human resources hotline work with businesses throughout Reno and Nevada. These consultants provide answers to specific employer questions, employee situations, and other conflicts.

Over time, our staff has gained expertise about how to handle almost any employer concern. As a result, every member that works with the NAE team has immediate access to solutions for their situation. The speed with which we are able to resolve these questions lets members get back to the day-to-day work of their business.

NAE’s collective intelligence also comes from the networking opportunities that the association provides. Our training courses and events give managers from different companies a forum for exchanging ideas, learning best practices, and connecting with one another. Events are held in several locations throughout the state. Our programs offer concrete skills that can be immediately applied to one’s business.

Joining Nevada Association of Employers

Get in touch with NAE and learn more about training in Reno, our governmental relations, and the work of our human resource consultants. Elko, Carson City and all other Nevada businesses are also encouraged to contact us about membership.

Contact NAE at (775) 329-4241 or email us directly.