Nevada Association of Employers (NAE) has been supporting businesses with their HR concerns for over seventy years. With the guidance of our human resource consultants, Reno and Las Vegas businesses are able to respond quickly to employee concerns and to run their companies more effectively.

Below, we invite you to learn more about our work.

Strength in Numbers

Our membership is composed of businesses from throughout Nevada, including Las Vegas and Reno. Our human resource consultants work on their behalf to develop relationships with important governmental and business agencies. The size and variety of companies that join NAE provide us with a voice in their decisions.

For example, NAE’s team is in regular contact with the enforcement agencies that oversee Las Vegas and Reno companies. Our human resource consultants are able to gain insight into upcoming legislation and changes to the application of existing law. NAE reviews this information and provides guidance to its membership about preparing for the future.

In short: our advice saves businesses money and protects them from changes to the legal landscape.

Support for Existing HR Staff

When a Las Vegas or Reno business handles employee concerns without the advice of human resource consultants, they must rely on the expertise of their internal HR staff. This can present challenges:

  • Small businesses may not have a large enough HR team to handle day-to-day work as well as a more significant concern, like a harassment claim.
  • Human resources employees at medium-size companies have to be up-to-date on state and federal statutes as well as best practices. Practical training is not always available.
  • Large businesses based out-of-state may not be familiar with Nevada’s unique legal characteristics, such as its two minimum wages.

Membership in NAE gives businesses access to training and to experts who can answer their questions.

On-demand HR Support

Companies that join our association are often surprised at how NAE changes the way that they do business.

Typically, a company must make important decisions about employees, compensation, and benefits in a vacuum. They rely only on the information they have at hand and the knowledge of their HR departments.

Membership in NAE opens the way for a new process. Businesses can speak with our professional staff about the situations they face, ask for guidance, or get clarification about state and federal policies. These companies reach out to NAE as often as they want in order to have greater confidence in their decisions.

Join NAE

The benefits of membership are clear: developing a voice in government; providing additional support to human resources staff members; and making decisions with the help of a team of experts.

We invite you to ask a current member about the advantages his or her company has received as part of Nevada Association of Employers. Alternatively, get in touch with NAE, and learn how we can support your business.

Contact NAE at (775) 329-4241 or via email.