Employee Pay & Benefits Surveys

Accurate data regarding employee pay and benefits is essential for recruiting and retaining quality employees. Businesses seeking to stay competitive in Nevada’s ever-changing business climate can benefit from the Nevada Association of Employers’ annual pay and benefits surveys. This service is available to members of NAE and non-members; members and survey participants receive a discounted rate on the survey results.

On an annual basis, NAE’s survey specialists conduct a survey of employers throughout the state to get up-to-date market data on how employers compensate their employees (i.e. the base rate of pay for each position) and what benefits are provided (i.e. bonuses, retirement savings, health insurance, paid time off, etc.). NAE encourages all employers, members, and non-members, to participate in the annual pay and benefits surveys.

To learn more about this beneficial service, please contact NAE at (775) 329-4241 or info@nevadaemployers.org.


The 2018 Nevada Pay Survey will open this March!


Get a Copy of Our Surveys

NAE members who participate in our survey receive a copy of the results for FREE. All others may purchase a copy of the results based on the fee schedule below.





$250 + tax


$100 + tax

$400 + tax


To get a copy of our 2017 Nevada Pay Survey or 2017-2018 Benefits & Personnel Practices Survey, please contact us at surveys@nevadaemployers.org or (775) 329-4241.