We previously covered the Office of the Labor Commissioner’s bulletins for Nevada’s 2019 minimum wage and overtime rates. In that article we recapped that minimum wage remains unchanged for 2019, but that Assembly Bill 456 shoots to increase our minimum wage to $12.00 per hour when no qualifying health benefits are offered by the employer. Speaker Jason Frierson, D-Las Vegas, spoke about why he is pushing for an increase to Nevada minimum wage on April 10. In this article we recap Frierson’s sentiments on Nevada minimum wage, and we also discuss how an increase could impact Nevada businesses.

Does Frierson Well-Represent How Most Nevada Employers Feel?

Nevadans statewide showed up on April 10 to voice their support and opposition to AB 456. Jason Frierson, Speaker and Democratic member of the Nevada Assembly, contends that minimum wage in Nevada should be raised such that it can support a family of four. He went on to say that our current minimum wage falls drastically short. Frierson cited a recent study that posits that the minimum hourly wage that can support a family of four is, “… more than $11 an hour in both Clark and Washoe counties,” (Geoff Dornan, Nevada Appeal).

Geoff Dornan of the Nevada Appeal further reported on Frierson’s position when he said, “Frierson said some 30 percent of Nevada workers earn less than $12 an hour.” It’s reported that Frierson also said that as much as 60% of small businessowners nationwide support a minimum wage that reflects AB 456. One such organization that supports AB 456 is Battle Born Progress, a liberal nonprofit.

In a follow-up article, Dornan cited Frierson’s opposition who said, “[the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce] … conducted an internal survey that showed members said a minimum wage increase would hurt their business and could lead to reactions such as decreased hours for employees or increased costs for goods.”

Other opponents of AB 456 suggest that a wage increase could result in layoffs, job automation and overall wage creep.

With avid support for and against AB 456, it’s unclear how the bill will shake out.

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Given that Governor Sisolak is prioritizing the raising of Nevada minimum wage, some Nevada businessowners are unsure of how they would respond to an increase they cannot afford.

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