Group of Multiethnic People Studying About Teamwork
Everyone is motivated by different things and as a Las Vegas employer, you can tap into this by understanding the needs of your employees. Instead of offering a raise, you can find more cost-effective ways to attract high-quality employees and motivate current employees.

  • Non-Monetary Compensation

Vacation days. Extra sick days. Perks such as gym membership. All of these add up to non-monetary benefits that can attract and retain employees. While these may not seem like much, depending on what your employees value, extra free time may be preferable to a higher salary.

  • Training in New Skills

Give someone a fish and they will eat today. Teach someone to fish and they will eat for the rest of their lives. New skills add their own value and the training for them is a benefit to employees who want to learn. If your employees are interested in career advancement or a specific position, you can provide them with essential training for the next step of their career.

  • Advancing in Their Field

Discussing opportunities for advancement is appealing to anyone who wants a lifetime career. By developing your employees within the company, you will receive the benefit of training them in the context of your organization and expanding your company with people you trust.

  • Not Micromanaging

Micromanagement is the curse of any manager. Your job is to instill a sense of pride and ownership for employees, not breathe down their neck. By assigning goals, or even allowing employees to set their own goals, you can monitor progress without spending your time looking at every move your employees make.

  • Find Incentives That Motivate Them

This goes hand in hand with non-monetary compensation, although a raise can also be a motivation for some. Get to know your employees priorities and cater to their needs rather than offering everyone a template package. If your employee can handle flexible work hours or working remotely, you can offer this as a perk of the job rather than focusing on financial gain. This is particularly effective when your employees have children and need to be home at certain times.

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