Pay Membership Dues, Register for Training Online, and So Much MORE!

Over the next week, we will be rolling out our new Member Portal. What does this mean for you?

It means that you, as a member of NAE, will be able to do more with your membership through our website. You will continue have access to the same great member-exclusive content, but will be able to update, manage, and utilize your membership benefits more easily and efficiently. This new Member Portal is part of our year-long effort to enhance your online membership experience.

With the new Member Portal, you can expect the following:

Access to Membership Account
Previously, in order to make changes to your membership, you had to contact us by phone or email to update your address, employee count, contacts, etc. With our new Member Portal, your NAE membership will be at your fingertips. You will be able to view all the information connected with your account and will be able to update most of this information without any intervention by NAE.

Not sure if we have the most current address on file? Login to our Member Portal and update your membership profile. Want to make sure that only certain individuals within your organization may contact NAE on your behalf? Login to our Member Portal and update the authorized contacts for your organization. Want to know what outstanding invoices you have on your account? Login to our Member Portal.

Membership Dues & Billing
Access your invoices and paying membership dues is about to get a whole lot easier. With the new Member Portal, you will receive your membership dues invoices by email and be able to pay your membership dues online (and get automatic confirmation of payment) through the Member Portal. Prefer to pay your membership dues by check? No problem! You will still be able to pay your membership dues by check if that is your preferred method of payment. Our new Member Portal offers you more options, not less.

Need a gentle nudge to remind you about your membership dues? Our new Member Portal will take care of that as well. No need to worry about your membership lapsing and losing access to your membership benefits. You will receive reminders to ensure your membership with NAE remains active.

To ensure you receive your membership dues invoices, please make sure we have a current billing email address for your organization. You will be able to view and update the billing email as soon as our Member Portal is up and running. Also, please make sure you add to your safe sender list — we don’t want to end up in your junk email.

You can expect to begin receiving emailed invoices during the next billing cycle.

Training & Event Registration
For the last year you have been able to register for trainings and events through our website. That will not change. However, with our new Member Portal you will be able to track registration and verify attendance through the new Member Portal. Need to know if Sally from Accounting registered for Supervisory Skills: The Fundamentals? Login to our Member Portal. Do you need a history of all trainings or events you attended in the last quarter? Login to our Member Portal

Additionally, like with membership dues, you will be able to pay for trainings and events online. No more waiting. Pay for trainings and events when you register or have our Member Portal invoice you and pay later.

You can expect this exciting feature of our new Member Portal for training and events beginning in March.

We have made these changes to our Member Portal to save you time and make accessing your membership benefits easier. It also frees up some of our time so we can focus on the important things — providing you, our members, with the guidance and resources you have come to expect from NAE.

Ready to get started? Not so fast. Once our new Member Portal is up and running you will receive an email with your username and directions for logging into our new Member Portal for the first time. Any username and password you have been provided previously will no longer be active. Every contact for your organization will have their own username and will be able to access all the membership benefits available to the organization.

Please pardon our dust while we roll out the new Member Portal. We look forward to you experiencing NAE’s new online membership experience. If you need assistance when the new Member Portal is up and running, we are happy to help. Please contact (888) 398-8092 and a member of staff will be happy to help you navigate the new Member Portal.

What about organizations that are not NAE members yet? Applying for membership with NAE will also become easier with the new Member Portal. Nevada businesses that are interested in membership can apply online. There is no longer a need fill out an application, mail it in with a check for membership dues, and wait for your new member welcome packet. All of that can be done through our website at once. And the best part? You get instant access to our Member Portal.