handbook-pertain-to-all-employeesEmployees who work in Las Vegas are subject to any, and all, of the policies that apply to other Nevada state employees.  However, employees with mental or physical disabilities cannot be discriminated against based on their individual  conditions which may prevent them from working up to expected standards or by required procedures.

Las Vegas employers are required by law to grant the same benefits to expectant mothers as they would to employees with mental or physical disabilities. This includes adopting the same policies toward:

  • Medical Leave: Expectant mothers are granted an appropriate period of days away from work, which may include a various length of time before and after delivery. These benefits will also apply to any expectant mothers who experience a miscarriage, or require time away from work for any other medical reasons related to their pregnancy.
  • Hiring, Advancement, Compensation, Training, or Discharge: Qualified employees, such as expectant mothers or those with disabilities, are not subject to any limitations in the circumstances listed above.
  • Reasonable Accommodation: For employees with disabilities or conditions, including pregnancy, employers must make reasonable accommodations as long as it is qualified and they are able to perform tasks without causing the employer undue hardship.

While these regulations are justified for the work environment, their fundamental meaning can be vague and challenging to decipher. In particular, the concept of “Reasonable Accommodation”, which is primarily based on the individual job responsibilities and whether the employee can perform them successfully.

For example, physical requirements like lifting heavy objects relates to the safety of the employee, however, it may be often required to perform the job. If a candidate with a disability is unable to lift the required weight, they would be justly denied the position because it causes undue hardship on the employer.

More Information About Abiding by Policies in the Las Vegas Employee Handbook

Legal terminology can be difficult to accurately explicate, making it challenging to develop an employee handbook that correctly reflects state and federal law. In these circumstances, the Nevada Association of Employers can help. We offer advice and templates to help create a handbook with policies that abide by the required laws.

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