In this time of economic change, wages tend to fluctuate. It is times like this when having feedback from employers in your area can be beneficial.

nevada compensation information

While some employers have shut their doors, others have created more opportunities. Some employers have added bonuses, some have added hazard pay. There are the employers that implemented pay cuts across the organization and some that only did it for their upper management. As many of the employers in our state navigate these times, they are looking for guidance and information.   

NAE provides access to state-specific compensation information through our annual Nevada Pay Survey. We have been conducting this survey every year for well over 20 years. Employers across the state have used the information in our pay survey to help them during the Great Recession as well as during times of economic growth to remain competitive.

The benefit of our annual compensation survey is that participation is easy and for participating members the results are free. This survey covers the different regions of the state, a variety of industries, over 600 job titles and, for members who participate, there is a helpful online tool to filter the compensation data (by geographical region, industry group, company size, etc.) that is best suited for their organization.

nevada pay survey

In addition to understanding how other employers are structuring compensation, it is important to listen to and engage with your own employees. Their voices are so important during times of crisis. One way to listen to them is to utilize survey tools to provide an accurate assessment of employee engagement. We can help with that.

NAE offers a quick pulse survey to all members. It is free, confidential and, as the name implies, it is quick. While it is only 5 questions, it is designed to measure employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall attitude about the company over a broad spectrum of areas. We also offer a more comprehensive employment opinion survey to provide a complete view of employee satisfaction and engagement in ten areas.

With the information gathered from the quick pulse survey and the information from the Nevada Pay Survey, employers will be better equipped to handle the coming days. As always, NAE seeks to provide current, relevant information for our members. Reach out to us today if you would like more information on how to use these services to help your organization.