When was the last time you talked to your employees? Do you know if their performance is lacking because of a personal issue or because they don’t understand how their job aligns with the company mission? Did you know that most of them just want a simple thank you occasionally?

Performance management does not happen once a year. It is a daily process of engaging with your employees and communicating effectively with them, so they understand how their position fits into the organization. In our Supervisory Skills: The Fundamentals series, we cover performance management. We address the day-to-day interactions all the way through annual performance reviews. Then, in the Supervisory Skills: Advanced Skills series, we address topics like effective communication and handling conflict.

There are times when it can be difficult to pinpoint what the issues are. NAE can help with that. We administer employee engagement surveys for members, which is a wonderful tool for anonymous feedback to give a unique insight into your organization. It can show issues with pay, supervisors, or even thoughts about the executive team. Doing a survey like this, if the organization is willing to make the necessary changes, is vital for the health of the business. It creates a view into the organization that leaders would not necessarily have seen on a daily basis. Our HR On-Site program can assist with handling this in person by sitting down and listening to employee concerns, helping with employee engagement, and more.

Sometimes, the issues go beyond just talking and employers need assistance in handling employee issues. Most employers choose to utilize our HR Hot Line for on-the-spot advice on how to handle these situations. Some employers take advantage of our legal services when things have gotten more difficult. NAE can assist with a myriad of issues so if you find yourself in need of assistance, call our team of experienced HR and legal professionals. We want to help.