At your workplace, you may have heard about the concept of an employer association. The term is tossed around, but what does an employer association do? Basically, they provide assistance and resources for businesses. The Nevada Association of Employers specializes in HR services, government relations services, navigation of Nevada labor laws, training, and surveys. All of our services have the goal of fine-tuning your business to be the best it can be.

Human Resource Services: HR representatives help members create and maintain positive business relationships. NAE’s HR professionals can also help develop effective practices to increase the effectiveness of workplace activity.

Government Relations: Nevada business rules, regulations, and laws can drastically affect day-to-day operations. NAE has extensive knowledge on the government process, as it relates to your business. We can also aid in addressing pending claims and investigations from other parties.

Employment Law: You have a business to run, and unless you’re a lawyer, you’re probably not an expert on Nevada employment law. NAE can help you navigate the evolving legal landscape so that you stay compliant. You may be violating the law without knowing it. We’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Training: As a manager, it’s essential to have both hard and soft skills. NAE’s professionals can guide you through the necessary measures to form a strong workplace. We have a structured training series, special events, panel discussions, webinars, and on-site training sessions.

Surveys: Surveys are a means of tapping into employees’ brains for opinions on important topics. Topics can include employee satisfaction, benefits, and salary matters. This information can then be used to improve employee relations and productivity.

Regardless of the shape your business is in, becoming a member of an employer association is a great way improve it. The Nevada Association of Employers is your go-to assistant in this complex business sector. To see how we can help your business, please reach out to our friendly staff via our contact page or call us at 1 (775) 329-4241.