We get calls often about the need to train supervisors and employees. We offer this service and the two supervisor training series that we offer are some of our most popular.

Often, when speaking with members about their need for training, it traces back to some core issues. Employee engagement is lacking or there is a lack of communication and understanding of what is expected of the employee. Supervisory Skills: The Fundamentals covers important, core information regarding employment law, reasonable suspicion, employee discipline, performance management, and more. This is beneficial for all levels of management staff. Supervisory Skills: Advanced Skills covers soft skills like leadership, effective communication, handling conflict, and team building. These skills are essential for all leaders. However, if there is no connection to your company’s strategic goals, then a piece of the puzzle is missing.

Did you know that having a clear and concise vision statement can assist with employee engagement? When was the last time you read your company vision or mission statement? Do you have a vision or mission statement? In our Supervisory Skills: Advanced Skills series, the attendees, are instructed to review their company’s mission and vision statements. Sadly, most attendees have only read a paragraph from a website. They don’t know their company’s vision statement and, in some cases, don’t even know it exists. If they don’t know what your company vision is, how will they meet the strategic goals set forth by upper management?

A vision statement gives you the opportunity to look at where you want your company to be in the future through your eyes in the present. You get the opportunity to create the best outcome and describe it simply. The mission statement gets to be more specific and answer the important questions: Who does your business serve? What and how does it provide the services and define it? The development of these statements is vital to the strategic management process. With defined statements, supervisors can utilize them into a strategy that can be implemented with the team.

Well-written vision and mission statements help the employee feel as though they belong. It helps them understand what their role is for the company and how they will help the company meets its goals and objectives. These statements let everyone from the newest employee to customers and shareholders understand what the company’s strategic goals are and how they plan to meet them. It provides a specific goal to achieve and should be the guide for the decisions of the team.

For some companies, this may not be the root issue and the problem might be elsewhere, but having your vision and mission clearly defined is an important step in a new direction.

Our structured training series offer necessary tools to help train the supervisors and management staff in their knowledge and understanding. After these classes, attendees have increased confidence to explain and enforce the vision and mission of the company. They learn how to better align themselves with the company vision and effectively communicate it to their team.