Training Series


Do you have an employee who just transitioned into a supervisory role? Are you anticipating promoting an exceptional employee to a manager position within the next year? If so, you want to ensure he or she is equipped with the right tools to be successful—whether it be now or in the future. Often we consult […]

Nevada Employment Law

Nevada employment law covers a broad spectrum of topics that include minimum wage, lunch/rest breaks, overtime, vacation/sick leave, voting/jury duty leave, and discrimination. Because there are so many hoops to jump through, you or your employer may be unknowingly (or knowingly) violating Nevada labor laws. Here are some common workplace law violations: Misclassification of Workers: […]


Failing to train and educate managers and supervisors is one of the biggest mistakes any business can make and one that creates one of the biggest risk areas for any business. Training your managers is the easiest way to avoid this risk. Everyone makes mistakes — that’s to be expected. However, certain manager mistakes can result […]

Supervisor Training: Leadership Styles

Leadership style is the means by which someone gives direction, implements plans, and motivates people. Whether you are in upper management or a low-level employee, leadership style will affect you and the efficiency of operations. It is likely that you or one of your employees in an upper management position, uses one or two leadership styles […]

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